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Queenswood Neuro-Biofeedback Therapeutics

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All Needs Supersede All Other Needs


Queenswood, after a short hiatus, a name change, and a relocation to a healthy and cerebral wellness promoting community (Swift Current, Saskatchewan) and area, is on the precipice of a new and exciting re-invention of ourselves.  Although assessment will continue to be a central aspect of our service (it is, after all, my first love), we will be moving heavily into the therapeutic aspects of neuropsychology.  We offer several different cognitive retraining programmes now (some are Internet-based so they can be utilized wherever you are able to access the Internet), as well as other more face-to-face approaches (may require you to come to our health engendering community for a while).  We will be emphasizing EEG Biofeedback (particularly for ADD/ADHD), Heart Rate Variability for anxiety and stress reduction (can also help with traumas), and, by the spring of 2016, a wide range of biofeedback applications.

This web-site will also go through significant changes over the next few months.  Bear with me during this process.  Initially, I will be leaving the site as we originally developed it (more or less) as there is good information on it.  Please email me with any questions you might have.

Dr. Hallman have being providing Neuropsychological and Psycho-Diagnostic assessment for all ages in British Columbia since 1981 and Saskatchewan since 1996. (Check here for Dr. Hallman’s Resume). He has significant experience with Neuropsychological, eligibility, psycho-educational, vocational/interest, or specialty assessment (such as for syndromes or spectrum disorders - FASD, ASD, and similar).  More information can be found at Assessment. Over the past 35 years, Dr. Hallman has provided comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and training for adults and children of all ages who display ADHD/ADD.


Dr. Hallman’s training approaches attempt to capitalize on the brain’s exquisite ability to modify itself (neuroplasticity) based on sensory inputs (vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) from the environment.  His approaches are state-of-the-art and may be more effective and efficient than either medications or talk therapy.  Exploiting the technical world we now live in, most of his training can be via the Internet in the individual’s home or anywhere there is access to a computer.

Many of Dr. Hallman’s training approaches address problems underlying ADHD, STRESS and ANXIETY REDUCTION, and MEMORY problems (adults and children) and similar. Stress is basic to many of the emotional problems and even mental health issues faced by individuals on a daily basis.  As such, it is of importance that we do something about it as, in 2007, the Journal of America Medical Association noted that workplace stress (and all stress by extrapolation) is as bad for your heart as smoking and high cholesterol.

All of Dr. Hallman’s training modules are based on 5 to 10 week training packages (depending on how much time can be given to the training each week - but no less than 3 one hour paced sessions per week), with weekly (if not more frequent) contact/follow-up by the training coach.  Additional options are available if more training is wished at the end of the initial package.


Dr. Hallman has qualified to offer COGMED’s training programme for working memory.  It is directed toward those who have a problem with working memory, or those who simply wish to increase their capacity for this important brain process, which underlies and is basic to most of what we do, day-to-day).



Dr. Hallman has completed the HeartMath training and will be undertaking additional training in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) evaluations from a variety of sources leading to certification by BCIA.  He now provides training based on the HeartMath approach to HRV, although the approach may change somewhat as the result of additional training.  Recently the HeartMath approach to HRV has been shown to be effective at treating PTSD with US veterans (click here).

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Dr. Hallman has provided a wide range of brain training, cognitive re-training, and similar.  Whether the individual has a neuro-typical brain and wants to be more efficient, has processing problems and/or learning difficulties, has had a neurological insult (such as a car or recreational accident, or concussion, or stroke), are getting older (those dreaded “senior moments”), or have begun developing a dementia, cognitive training may help.  Dr. Hallman uses a variety of methods, from state-of-the-art electronic devices through low tech approaches that can be used anywhere.

In additional to comprehensive Psycho-Diagnostic assessments and training approaches discussed above, Dr. Hallman is Board Certified in EEG-Biofeedback and has achieved Associate Fellow standing with:


If you have a child (or adult with IDD, see below) who is displaying significant emotional dysfunction, and no current approach seems to be able to successfully address these difficulties, look under Programme Development/QPRGI EEC or QMPS.  Dr. Hallman continues to present this training in the EEC approach to small groups or anyone who is interested.

For those providing supports to individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

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