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Welcome to Cognitive and Cerebral Wellness Group!


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Cognitive and cerebral wellness is something that requires work to be able to achieve.  This is similar to striving for good nutrition and/or physical health.  However, to achieve average to optimal wellness often requires the input of professionals with specific training to support and coach our aspirations.  Our Wellness Group provides such support and coaching to those we work with as they learn to accomplish and then to celebrate their success.

In the new website, you will find a descriptions of our professional and personal philosophies and goals, as well as the specific assessment and intervention approaches we are able to advance.  Note that we provide approaches for all ages and presenting challenges:


           or maintaining employment

                        - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

                        - Autism Spectrum Disorder

                        - Intellectual Developmental Disorder (IDD)

                        - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

                        - Dementias and other age-related challenges

                       - Any condition/sequelae of events/occurrences affecting the central nervous system

                        - Memory Deficits

                        - And other challenging conditions that affect Thinking, Learning, Working, and/or





The Wellness Group’s computer-based cognitive retraining may be of interest to adults and parents of children who have any of the above difficulties or have problems in school settings.  

Mini education seminars dealing with the above, as well as Central Auditory Processing Deficits (CAPD), Sequential Processing Problems, Cognitive Retraining Interventions, Memory Training, and others, will be scheduled for this Fall and will have limited enrolment.

The Wellness Group, in line with its philosophy of Closer-to-Home, travels!  That is, when ever possible, we bring our services to where you live rather than having you travel to larger centres, away from your home.

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